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New book - Power Training in Football

New bookPower Training in Football. A Scientific and practical approach (Fitness Training in Soccer III)


New book - Fitness Testing in Football
New book

Testing is a useful tool to improve the quality of training and performance of players. It creates awareness and motivation for more training.

This book covers tests of all the important aspects of physical performance in football.

Beneficial effect of re-warm-up at half time for sprint performance
Soccer players have been reported to perform less high-intensity running at the beginning of the second half compared with the first half of a match. Such an effect is likely due to a decline in muscle temperatures during half time.
Fatigue during a soccer match
Fatigue, or rather not optimal physical performance, may develop during high-level soccer games I) after short-term intense periods in both halves, II) in the initial phase of the second half, and III) towards the end of the game.
Deterioration of eccentric hamstring strength at the start of the second half and towards the end of a game
Eccentric hamstring peak torque measured in 10 professional soccer players was observed to decrease after the half-time interval and progressively during a match.
Physical development of young players
Knowledge about physiological development of young players is important in order to understand and plan their physical and technical development in soccer. This article explains the most important issues of pre-pubertal and pubertal growth.
Principles of the Yo-Yo tests
Yo-yo testThe Yo-Yo tests contain running activities that are relevant for many sports. The tests can be performed by both men and women of all ages. The tests can also be used for assessing the physical capacity of young athletes.
Yo-Yo intermittent recovery level 1 test data for athletes
Various studies have examined the performance of athletes on the Yo-Yo intermittent recovery level 1 (IR1) tests. The most recent results are presented here.
Systems of play - overview
Systems of playA plan called a system of play governs the way players act individually and together with others on the pitch. Such a system consists of a starting formation and guidelines for carrying out the primary functions in attacking and defensive play.