New book - Power Training in Football

New bookPower Training in Football. A Scientific and practical approach (Fitness Training in Soccer III)


New book - Fitness Testing in Football
New book

Testing is a useful tool to improve the quality of training and performance of players. It creates awareness and motivation for more training.

This book covers tests of all the important aspects of physical performance in football.

Aerobic and Anaerobic Training in Soccer

Aerobic and anaerobic training in soccerNEW BOOK!

This book deals with the basic question of how players should train and prepare for matches. It gives the answers independent on the level and whether the player is training once or 10 times per week. A special chapter is allocated the development of youth players and the very important question about how to train young soccer players is addressed.

In a simple way it gives the reader an understanding of the principles of fitness training in soccer and how to perform the training. It describes the training Jens Bangsbo has used with the successful Juventus FC team and the Danish National team.

Offensive soccer tactics
Offensive soccer tacticsWritten by two of Denmark's top coaches, Jens Bangsbo and Birger Peitersen, Offensive Soccer Tactics presents the powerful attacks used by many of the world's best teams.
Soccer systems & strategies
Soccer systems & strategiesBuild a successful team around the strengths of your piayers! In Soccer Systems & Strategies, two former Danish national coaches provide a guide to implementing the world's top systems, strategies, and styles of play into your game plan.
The Yo-Yo tests
The Yo-Yo-testsTesting is a useful and valid tool to obtain important information about the fitness status of an athlete. Such information provides the basis of carrying out a proper planning of training. For testing the Yo-Yo tests are optimal because they are simple, valid and a high number of people can be tested in a short time without requiring anything else than a CD-player and a tape measure. The tests are used in many sports and by some of top clubs and National teams in soccer.
The Physiology of Soccer
The Physiology of Soccer
- Author: Jens Bangsbo
"Physiology of Soccer" deals with a number of physiological aspects within soccer and illustrates how basic science can be applied to the practical aspects of soccer. The book covers topics like physiological demands in soccer...
Fitness Training in Football
Fitness training in footballFitness Training in Football
- Author: Jens Bangsbo

What happens in the body when playing football? How much does a football player work during a match? This book provides answers to questions like these based on scientific results combined with practical experience...